Fred Bigelow 100 km Challenge 2023


Nov 01 - 30 2023


All Day


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The Fred Bigelow Memorial 100 km Challenge is a fundraiser that is held throughout the month of November. This event is an opportunity to both remember Fred and be motivated to get outside and be active. Fred was always on the move whether it was running, biking, hiking, paddling, or snowshoeing. The challenge is to see if you can complete 100km during the month of November by any means of physical activity. Let the wide selection of sports that Fred enjoyed inspire you to get out and move!

Fred was an avid community volunteer who gave generously of his time. He was a member of the CVRR and volunteered at numerous community events. Fred loved being in the forest and exploring the trails. His enjoyment of the outdoors and desire to support his community naturally led to his favourite groups being the Cumberland Community Forest Society and United Riders of Cumberland

Challenge Details:

Throughout the entire month of November, participants will strive to complete a collective 100 kilometres of physical activity. The best part? You get to choose your preferred means of physical activity! Whether you’re into running, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, or any other form of movement, it all counts toward the goal. The variety of activities mirrors Fred’s own diverse interests and his dedication to staying active in the great outdoors.

Why Participate:

  • Honour Fred’s Legacy: This challenge is a meaningful way to remember and celebrate Fred Bigelow, a remarkable individual who made a difference in his community.
  • Stay Active: The challenge encourages participants to embrace an active lifestyle and explore the beautiful natural surroundings that Fred cherished.
  • Support Local Groups: Choose to make a donation to one or both of Fred’s favourites, the Cumberland Community Forest Society and United Riders of Cumberland

Shoe Tag:

Each year we honour a “Fredism” and have it stamped on a custom metal shoe tag that can be attached to your laces. So, for 2023, Giddy-up! Tags will be available for purchase on the Race Roster registration page.

How to Join:

  1. Register at the link above to receive email updates on the event, make a donation to chosen charities, and order a commemorative shoe tag. 
  2. If not already a Strava member, register for a free account:
  3. In Strava, join the Fred Bigelow Memorial 100 Km Challenge Club:  When joining, be sure to switch your privacy settings to public. This can easily be switched back to private after the event is over. Strava is where you will either record or upload each activity you complete.

November can be a tough month to stay motivated and active in the outdoors. By participating in the Fred Bigelow Memorial 100km Challenge, we commemorate Fred’s legacy, stay active, and make a positive impact on our community. Let’s come together to honour his memory and create a lasting impact on the causes he held dear. Together, we can make a difference while celebrating a life well-lived.

You may find yourself easily going over the 100K in the month of November, especially if you are a cyclist. Don’t fret… carry on and Giddy-up!! Last time we saw participants surpassing even their own expectations….300K, 400K, and more!!

For more Information: Please contact Kathy Campbell, Director The Fred 100K – [email protected]

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram:  #thefred100