Tuesday Night Track


Jun 06 2023


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions from April 4th – June 27th, 2023

Welcome all CVRR runners to the spring training sessions. These workouts will emphasize a mix of strength endurance (i.e. marathon pace runs, tempo runs, and hill circuits  at 7.5-8.5/10 effort) and aerobic power (i.e. 5 km race pace intervals at 9/10 effort). Repetition paced workouts are also included (hill running, strides and faster track running at 9.5/10 effort) to develop speed and good running mechanics. Please do an easy 10-minute warm-up run with some dynamic drills and an easy cooldown run after the session. Please come prepared with reflective gear/light and shoes with good traction during the winter months!

In workout descriptions, Coach Neil often lists the number of repeats to do in a session, such as 2-5 x 5 minutes hard. If you are a newer runner, you should do less, such as 2-3 repeats, to build your strength gradually. Perceived effort (1-10 scale) means how hard to push yourself. Using the scale, a 1-2/10 effort is very easy, so you can probably talk when running. Running 9-10/10 effort is hard to very hard with strong breathing, so talking would be difficult. Don’t worry: If you’re unsure, Coach Neil will help you adjust workouts, so you get the most out of them. Improvement occurs with proper pacing for you and adequate rest between sessions which may be an easy run or rest.

Follow this link for a Pacing Chart

April 4th: Vanier Fields Ins & Outs: 6-15 x 1 minute at 3-5 km race pace (9/10 effort) on Vanier grass field, off 1 min easy running. Focus on good, relaxed running form!

April 11th: Courtenay Hills: 3 x 200 metres at 9/10 effort on Vanier driveway hill with recovery jog/walk to bottom. Then, jog to track for 1 x 400 metres at 10K-threshold pace (8.5-9/10 effort). Continue to alternate locations: 2 x 200 metres hills; 2 x 400 metres track; 1 x 200 metres hills; 3 x 400 metres track. Focus on effort/feel instead of splits and stay relaxed! New runners do the first set only.

April 18th: Horse Trails Mono Fartlek: (8.5-9.5/10 effort) 2 x 90 seconds hard, off 90 second easy; 4 x 60 seconds, off 60 seconds easy; 4 x 30 seconds, off 30 seconds easy; 4 x 15 seconds, off 15 seconds easy. This is a classic – enjoy the trails!

April 25th: Fartlek & Half Marathon Mile Repeats on Track: 1 km alternating – 30 seconds faster and 30 seconds easy; 1-5 x 1600 metres at half marathon pace (8.5/10 effort), off 90-120 seconds active rest between efforts.

May 2nd: Vanier Grass Repeats: 2-8 x 750 metres (1 lap – includes hill) at 5k race pace, off 2-3 minutes rest (9/10 effort).

May 9th: Glacier Loop Cruise Intervals: 2- 5 x 1200 metres at threshold pace (8.5/10 effort), off 1-2 minutes jog; 4 x 15 seconds strides, off 45 second rest.

May 16th: Track Session: 2-10 x 400 metres at 5 km race pace (9/10 effort), off 1-2 min active rest; 1-4 x 150 metres (9.5/10 effort). Focus on relaxed running and increasing pace every 50 metres. Jog back to start for the rest.

May 23rd: Horse Trails Fartlek: 2-4 sets of 2 minutes hard with 90 seconds easy, 1 minute hard with 1 minute easy, 30 seconds hard with 30 seconds easy (8-9.5/effort). Focus on good rhythm!

May 30th Blooming Barn Cruise Intervals: 2-5 x 5 minute at threshold pace (8.5/10 effort), off 1-2 minutes active rest; 4 x 15 second strides, off 45 seconds rest.

June 6th: Track Session: 2-6 x 600 metres at 5km race pace (9/10 effort), off 2-3 minutes active rest (jog/walk); 2-6 x 200 metres (9.5/10 effort), off 200 metres walk/jog.

June 13th: Mini Michigan Track/Grass Session: 800 metres at 10 km race pace (8.8/10 effort); 1 lap on Vanier field (approx. 700 metres) at threshold pace (8.5/10 effort); 600 metres at 10 km pace; 1 lap on grass at threshold pace; 400 metres at 5km race pace (9-9.5/10 effort); 1 lap on grass at threshold pace; 200 metres on track nearly full out (9.5-9.8/10 effort). 3-minute walk/jog rest between all efforts! Newer runners can do the 800 metres, 1 lap of field and 400 metres.

June 20: Horse Trails Fartlek: 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute hard, off 1-minute easy jog (8-9/10 effort). Focus on relaxed and flowing form!

June 27th: Time Trial Tuesday on Track: 3000 metres (7.5 laps at 9-9.8/10 effort). Focus on a strong yet sustainable pace.

Optional: 1-4 x 150 metre strides with 150 metre walk/jog for rest. Focus on relaxed form and not too hard!

Newer runners can do 1600 metres (4 lap) time trial run instead.

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