5k Running Clinic 2024 - Starts January 20!

The CVRR 5K Running Clinic - A new year tradition since 1986!

Individuals of all abilities are welcome at the CVRR 5K Running Clinic. There is a level for everyone and a pace group that will suit your unique needs. All clinic participants will easily manage the 5K Fun Run celebration on Week 10… all at different speeds.

Level 1

Are you a walker who wishes to run but fears you may be too unfit to jump right into the walk/run program?Level 1 will spend 10 weeks teaching strength and posture techniques designed to get your body ready for the next “running” steps you want to take. Your walking speed will increase, and some running  segments will be introduced near the end of the program. You will end this session ready to begin to walk/run.

Level 2

Are you quite fit, already walking most days or playing active sports regularly, and wanting to learn to run?  Level 2 begins at a very easy walk-to-run ratio which progressively builds over 10 weeks until you are running, or almost fully running, the entire 5K distance.

Level 3

Maybe you already do some running, or perhaps you are a returning runner after a short hiatus due to life getting in the way. That seems to happen to the best of us… We are here for you! Level 3 starts with a flowy walk/run with lots of emphasis on running slowly and easily. By the 6th week, you will be running continuously and beginning to improve your strength and endurance.

Level 4

You are already a runner. Congratulations on all the time you put in to your sport! Do you want to be stronger, or run faster? Do you want to learn a few skills to become more competitive?..  Level 4 is where runners can turn their running up a notch or two. You’ll receive hands-on (or should we say legs-on!)  instruction in skills, drills, and techniques over 10 weeks, giving you a whole new view on your training and goal setting. You will be inspired by your new strength and endurance.

This clinic reaches all levels of runners. You can never be “done” with learning how to become a better runner. All of the training you receive at our clinic is easily transferable to trail runs, even though our weekly runs are on paved trails and roads.

“Vision without execution is just hallucination.” -Henry Ford


  • This event is held on Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 11:00 am, January 20th – March 23rd. 
  • Weekly guests who specialists in their fields, will speak about running related topics: footwear, injuries, nutrition, etc.
  • The training programs we use are time-tested and club coach approved.
  • The 5K Fun Run on Week 10 is our program finale and celebrates everyone’s achievements. It is your final training day with us, but we hope to continue to see you out with our club’s many group runs and events.
  • A clinic t-shirt is included in your registration price. This running shirt is considered collectable by many with a special yearly change that makes each year’s shirt unique.


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For More Information: [email protected]

Upcoming events

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Saturday, Jan 18th, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m Clinic is held at the Lower Native Sons Hall in Courtenay.


Register here or print the Registration Form here, fill it out and bring it in to Extreme Runners in Courtenay or mail it to us at Comox Valley Road Runners, PO Box 3521, Courtenay, B.C. V9N 6Z8 . or register at the Lewis Centre in Courtenay. ONLINE/OFFSITE REGISTRATION IS NOW OVER. Please go to the Lower Native Sons Hall at 8:45 on Saturday morning to register. FMI: contact Eric McKechnie – [email protected]


$50 Before Jan 18, 2020: $55 On Jan 18, 2020

Clinic Benefits

• encouragement and coaching for 10 weeks
• Clinic T-shirt,
• expert advice on all things fitness related from weekly speakers on topics like choosing the right clothing, shoes, nutrition, etc
• many new friends/run partners
• increased self-confidence
• entrance in the final 5km Fun Run March 21st, 2020
• an incredible sense of accomplishment!!

Running Group Levels

Level One - Power/Race Walk.
Learn to put speed in your walk. Get the skills to finally take the next ‘step’ towards the sport of running.
Level Two - Walk/Run.
Turn your spirited walk in to a 5K run in a safe, fun manner using the timed tested walk/run method
Level Three - Running.
Already doing a little running? or maybe you play a running sport like Soccer. We start you with half walk/half run and advance you from there. Level Four - Race Clinic Although you may never want to actually RACE!! who can say they don’t want to take their sport up a notch?? This level will give you the skills to be a stronger, fitter, faster you. Pre-requisite - you should already be running a 5K distance.

Lots more information about the clinic, warm-up routines, pace groups, etc in the 2020 Clinic Manual here

Fitness for Everyone! This Clinic encourages a multi-level progression - from couch potato to active walker or active walker to runner. If you’re a runner already, learn to run more, better, faster, stronger! You can participate and progress with others who are at your running level - you will fit right in!!

More info is also available in the Courtenay Recreation Winter 2020 Program Guide coming out in November and/or from the staff at Extreme Runners.